5 Ways Pamper Your Sweet Ride this Valentine’s Day!

Give your ride a sweet treat with these six tips to keep your four-wheeled valentine in tip-top shape.

Ah, Valentine’s Day! It’s not just about spoiling your sweetheart, it’s also the perfect time to pamper your other love: your car! Showering your ride with TLC every now and then can keep it cruising by your side for years to come. So, give your ride a sweet treat with these six tips to keep your four-wheeled valentine in tip-top shape:

  1. Maybe it’s time to show some love to your four-wheeled sweetheart! Give it the ultimate pampering by dusting off any interior dirt, applying a layer of protectant to your leather, plastic, and vinyl pieces, and giving your carpet a good vacuuming. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can give your car a spa treatment by shampooing those seats and carpets until they look brand new. Your car will thank you!
  2. Your car’s internal systems deserve some love too! Keeping your ride purring like a kitten requires a little maintenance, like changing the oil. Make sure to check your records and see the last time your car had some loving attention. Winter can be harsh on engines so now’s the time to give your car a little extra TLC. Take a peek under the hood and give your fluids the once over – power steering, oil, coolant, and brake fluid all need the right levels to keep your car in tip-top shape.
  3. Brake check! Your brakes are like the silent heroes on the road, keeping you and everyone else safe – we’ve all got someone special out there on the roads everyday. So, give them a quick once-over to see if they need any love. Check the pads and rotors to make sure they’re not worn down or damaged. If you hear any funky screeching or grinding sounds while braking, it’s time to show your car some extra attention!
  4. Your four-wheeled sweetheart deserves a comfy and safe ride, so make sure you check those tires. They’re like your car’s soulmates, connecting it to the road and keeping you cruising. Keep tabs on the tire pressure, tread depth, and alignment!
  5. Before Valentine’s Day rolls around, make sure to show your car some love by checking up on it’s transmission health. Your car will feel extra special when you stick to a regular maintenance schedule. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your car is running smoothly and ready for any road trips or romantic getaways you have planned.

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